Top Tips for House Hunting Online

POSTED: MARCH 14, 2019

Where is the first place we go when we want to find something these days? Online of course!  Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, a car or a new home. But remember, searching for a new home can be much more stressful. We believe purchasing a home should be fun and memorable, so we want to share some home hunting tips!

Here Are a Few Recommendations

1. Find a reliable source. Have you ever gone online to buy a product only to be disappointed to find out it’s out of stock or discontinued?  Don’t let that happen when house hunting. Many online resources update less often or fail to remove listings that are off the market.

Recommendation: Instead of using 3rd party home searching sites, find a local real estate company website that you find easy to navigate.

Did you know: Local real estate companies advertise ALL listings in their Multiple Listing Service (MLS), not just their own.

2. Pictures can be deceiving.  Realtors know how to market their listings and a lot of times hire professional photographers.  They may leave out the photos of the small bathroom or the room with wallpaper that needs to be updated because they don’t want to deter people from looking.

Recommendation: See it to believe it. Schedule a showing with a real estate professional to take you on a tour of the home.

Did you know: It doesn’t cost you anything to work with a real estate agent as a buyer. Their commission is paid by the seller, from the sale of the property.  

3. Contact a real estate agent. Overall, the best advice is to contact a real estate professional to make it less stressful. We do this every day!

Recommendation: Contact an agent with the criteria you’re looking for so they can set you up on a search in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and you will receive an email as soon as a home is listed.

Did you know: Certain agents are designated to help buyers, it’s called ABR (The Accredited Buyers Representative). It’s important to look for that designation so you know you’re working with someone who is fully trained to assist you.

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Top Tips for House Hunting Online
Posted: March 14th, 2019